Shirley Wu Beauty Concept
Professional Makeup Classes
IIf you’ve ever considered taking professional or personal makeup artistry courses, here’s a fabulous opportunity to learn from Shirley herself!
Shirley is a certified makeup instructor and offers courses to become a professional makeup artist, or can teach youone-on-one how to best accentuate your own features.
Whether you’re looking to get certified as a makeup artist, or becoming your own personal beauty expert, contact Beauty Concept about how to enroll in ongoing courses and learning opportunities.
With the success of Beauty Concept, Shirley has a sincere life philosophy and belief in giving back to the community and building a strong foundation for all women. 
The Shirley Wu Institute is dedicated to teach women how to gain independence, skills and pride, giving them a sense of accomplishment and confidence to overcome adversities such as domestic abuse and violence.
Academy offers support and counseling to women looking to improve their family life, while at the same time providing them with practical solutions towards gaining independence through personal coaching and defining individual women’s goals, and achievable steps to fulfilling desired results.