Shirley Wu Beauty Concept
Get gorgeous from head to toe! Beauty Concept offers signature facial skincare treatments and hair removal options to meet and fulfill every woman’s unique needs. Choose from these custom facial treatments, performed by our certified estheticians in a calm, relaxing and serene atmosphere. 
The Bare Basics Facial Procedure (30 – 45 min.)
An ideal facial for all skin types that embodies the basics of every facial. Our Clayton Shagal Bare Basics Facial introduces the use of collagen and elastin gels. This treatment may even be performed as an express facial without the use of facial steamer.
The Gentlemen’s Facial Treatment (45 – 60 min.)
A customized facial that caters to the skin care needs of a man’s skin, with special attention to thorough cleansing and sensitive shaving areas. This facial restores moisture and soothes the skin, leaving it refreshed and hydrated.
Classic Collagen Facial Treatment (45 – 60 min.)
Experience the essence of quality, simplicity, and effective results in our Classic Collagen Facial. An excellent introduction to Clayton Shagal’s specialized active-based gels: Collagen, Elastin, & Hyprocel. Ideal for a variety of skin types.
Calming Facial Treatment (45 min.)
A soothing facial for sensitive skin prone to redness (with Erythrosis) and/or couperose. Emphasis on use of elastin protein to normalize the basic functions of the skin. May be customized for oily-normal or normal-dry skin conditions.
Signature Collagen ~ Elastin Treatment Procedure (60 min.)
Discover the essence of Clayton Shagal skin with our signature facial. All skin types can benefit from this nourishing facial which embodies the core active proteins in the Clayton Shagal Skin Care Line. A simple, yet highly effective treatment which utilizes concentrated protein extracts to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibrils in the dermis.
The Ultimate Hydrating Treatment (60 – 75 min.)
An ideal hydrating treatment for dehydrated, aging, or mature conditions. This treatment involves intense skin preparation using a combination of exfoliants to ensure maximum penetration of Clayton Shagal’s active ingredients. It then utilizes both collagen and elastin extracts and gels to nourish and strengthen the collagen and elastin fibrils, thus increasing moisture-retention in the dermis.
AHA Brightening Facial Treatment (45 - 60 min.)
The Clayton Shagal AHA Brightening Facial Treatment incorporates the use of both AHA Scrub @ 20% concentration and AHA Exfoliating Mask @ 15% concentration to will help eliminate cellular debris from the skin’s surface.
In addition, the natural composition of the Clayton Shagal AHA products helps to lighten and brighten the skin.  An excellent treatment for hyper-pigmentation skin conditions or clients seeking a brightened complexion.
Nail Care
Yes, we also do nails at Beauty Concept, making our salon a one-stop destination for all your beauty desires! Enjoy some pampering at one of our manicure stations or sink into one of our plush pedicure chairs for tender foot care.
Classic Manicure
This treatment includes filing, shaping of the nails, cuticle treatment, hand and arm massage. Nail colour of your choice is applied to complete this treatment of your hands.
Deluxe Manicure
Deluxe hand treatment with spa manicure and your choice of paraffin heat treatment followed by the application of nail colour of your choice.
Sports Manicure
This treatment includes filing, shaping and buffing of the nails, cuticle treatment, hand and arm massage.
Classic Pedicure
Foot soak, trimming and shaping of nails, cuticle callused and massage. Nail colour of your choice is applied to complete this treatment.
Deluxe Pedicure
It begins with a foot soak, shaping nails and cuticle callused treatment. Exfoliation with foot mask followed by a deluxe massage. Nail colour of your choice is applied to complete the treatment of the feet.
Sports Pedicure
Foot soak, trimming, shaping and buffing of the nails, cuticle callused, massage.
New & Refill Set
Seaweed Gel Nails
French Manicure
Classic and sophisticated, a French manicure is always pretty. Let one of our nail technician’s work their pink base/ white tip magic, leaving you feeling confident and put together.
Nail Polish Change
No time for a full manicure? No problem! Just pop in for a quick nail polish change, and try out a new hue! Fantastic if you’re in a rush before going out.